Details, details

Luke 19:28-48
by Brian Knitter

Luke, who wrote this Gospel (a travel companion of Paul's), was a man of details. He took the inspired Word of God given to him and presented it to a Greek reading audience in a manner they would understand. As a doctor and historian, Luke was interested in names, dates, events & places. Thank God for that! It makes the Gospel more than just a story. Many of the places in the Gospel have been found because of Luke's accuracy. It makes Jesus' ministry an archaeological certainty and historical fact. Check out some of the details in today's passage:

- Jesus approached Bethany and Bethpage near the Mount of Olives. Archaeologists found Bethany because of this information. - Jesus told the disciples to go get a colt (possibly pre-arranged?) - The man with the colt knew Jesus because all the disciples had to say was: The Lord (or Teacher) has need of it." (Fulfilling the prophesy in Zechariah 9:9) - The people laid their garments on the ground ahead of Jesus. They would only do this for a King (see 2Kings 9:13). - The song they were singing was a song they would typically sing on the way to Jerusalem for the Passover; Psalm 118. This Psalm is quoted a few times in the Gospels because it prophesizes this event and some others to come. - Jesus predicts the destruction of Jerusalem. Did this happen? Yes, starting in 66AD, and culminating in the total destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, where no stone was left on top of another (as predicted). The Romans were very thorough in their destruction. - Jesus quotes scripture (Isaiah 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:11) in his defense of casting out those who would rob the people in the Temple.

Thank God for details, and Thank-You Lord for using Dr. Luke to write your Word. Don't forget to look for details as you read the scriptures. It makes the story come alive!