I have a question

Acts 8:26-40
by Brian Knitter

It started with, "I have a question."

Dan, Tom and I were short-term missionaries in Kyrgyzstan, and while there, a young man named Abay asked us if he could come over to talk; he had something important he wanted to ask. As it turned out, he wanted to know what he must do to become Christian. That evening became one of the high points in my life!

Can you imagine someone coming to you to ask about Salvation? The Good News is still the Good News today! A lot of people would like to hear the Good News too -- more than you might imagine -- and it's our job to tell them. In today's lesson, Phillip was instructed to seek out an Ethiopian eunuch who was returning from Jerusalem. The Ethiopian was reading from Isaiah, and didn't know what it meant. The passage, Isaiah 53:7-8, was a prophesy about Jesus' death. Phillip had an opportunity to explain the prophesy, and who Jesus is. After hearing the Good News, the Ethiopian's response was: "Look, there is water. Why shouldn't I be baptized?" Well why not! The Ethiopian had received the Good News, understood it, and somehow found water deep enough to stand in in the desert no less! It was clearly a God thing! The Ethiopian went back to his country and began to spread the Good News to his people in a way that they would understand. God had established an Ethiopian "mission" and church.

At the end of our dinner, Abay asked how quickly he could be baptized as well. While we didn't find water by the road that night, he was baptized in a church that Sunday. Today, he's a pastor -- speaking to his people in a way they can understand. The way God worked in the Bible is the way God works today.