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Here are the names submitted so far. Please pray for our troops.

Aaron SteinerAir Force
Marcus AielloSpcArmy
Mark WeinrichLt.Marines
Alan HenleyLt.Air Force
Derek LeivestadAir Force
Ryan CorbelMarines
Stephen BahnArmy
Aaron BahnArmy
Tim BahnArmy
Jim JohnsonSSgtArmy
Kevin KnitterMajorArmy
Kelly KnitterMajorArmy
Mike StarsonMSgtNavy
Chris BurgerSgt.USMC
Doug DanielsonCplUSMC
Robert FullerUSMC
James JohnsonStaff SergeantMarine Corps
Daniel C. Hackett JrET2US Navy
Jacob SoczkaCplUSMC
Steve SucicCaptainArmy, 82nd Airborne
Michael MeermansLance CorporalMarines
Mark EckstromSSGArmy
Mike EckstromPOUSCG
Josh WadeLNC. CPL.1st Marine Division
Peter ZikeMajorArmy
Matt RegevigSSGAir Force
Earl Dean LaneCplMarines
Tim ReedCorporalMarines
Mitchel Lane (died in action Aug.\'03)Sgt. 1st. classArmy Special Forces
Jerry SchmidtunknownNat\'l Guard
Carl PinheiroSFCArmy
Matthew RuddellPvtArmy
joseph german ramosair force
Dave SoczkaMSGArmy Special Forces
Kevin GregorySPC Army 82nd Airborne
David StahlSPC E4Army - 1st Cavalry Heavy Armored Div.
Benjamin HanksPFCArmy
Travis FischerPFCArmy Reserve
Jared BrunoSenior AirmanAir Force
Dennis Stephensmarines
Steven CastroSgtMarine Corps
Roger CloutierColonelArmy
Christina CrosbySSgtAir Force
Eric ArmesSSGTArmy
Jessica VasconcellosTSgtAir Force
Nathan and Rachel SmithSSgt and SrAAir Force
Stephen CarpenterSSgtAir Force
Robert StahlSgt.Air Force
Earl Dean LanePHM 2Navy
Brett CurrierSPCArmy
Jordan IsaacLance CorporalUSMC